The first thing you need to do is to put the data you want to have onto the graph into Excel. You can do this by copying and pasting from another source or by just typing the data into columns.


Now you can choose which type of graph you want to use, to do this select the ‘Insert’ Tab and choose ‘Charts’. There you will see a selection of options such as Column, Pie etc and can choose the one you wish to use.


Now you have the basic graph set out you can start to add labels, details and change the axis if you wish. To do this click on the Chart and this will open up the Chart Tools, from there you will see the options for Layout, Format and Design and can use these to play with the chart and make it look clearer and more appealing. The one important thing to do is label the axis so you remember which side is which, you can do this via the Labels option under the Layout tab.


Now you can move your chart to another program if you wish, often this can be to a Word or PowerPoint file and then you resize it once there and save it. You now have a completed graph! Great to strengthen any presentation.


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