Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts

All Microsoft programs, including Outlook, offers several keyboard shortcuts designed to minimize the need to drill through menus and mouse movement. Check out some of the most important Outlook shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + G - Start the "Go to date" function to quickly choose a date in the calendar
  • Alt + W - Switch to the weekly calendar view or forward the email
  • Ctrl + M - Receive all messages or F9 to send
  • Alt + R - Switch to work week calendar view or Reply to everyone in the email
  • Ctrl + R - Reply to the email
  • Alt + S - Send email

Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks: Common Searches

Outlook allows you to conduct a search on the open folder by simply entering the terms for search in the search field. However, you can simplify the task by creating a Search Folder for frequently searched items. To create a Search Folder:

  • Go to the Folder Tab and select New Search Folder
  • Either "Create a Custom Search Folder" or choose from one of the many templates
  • Rename the folder by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Rename Folder

Moving forward, these new folders will show up in the folders pane on the left side of the window, which will allow you to quickly choose the folder to review messages based on your specifications.

Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks: Delayed Delivery

In most cases, when you type an email, it needs to be sent and delivered immediately, but this isn't always the case. There are times when the message needs to be delivered later, which is why the delayed delivery feature is so important. To use this feature, simply go to Options and select Delayed Delivery. Then set the specified date and time in the "Do not deliver before:" field. Finally click close.

After you press Send, the message will be held until the date specified. If you are using Exchange Server, the email will send whether you have Outlook open or closed. On the other hand, you must leave Outlook open until the time and date has passed if you are using POP or IMAP.  

Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks: Grouping Messages

If you receive a large number of messages, finding relevant emails can be an overwhelming task. However, the grouping messages feature allows you to use a single click to display all related messages together. In addition, you can use this feature on a global or per-mailbox basis. To use this function:

  • Choose the View Tab and click "Show as Conversation"
  • Select "Arrange By"
  • Choose "View Settings" from the menu to see additional grouping options

Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks: Junk Mail Management

Since everyone hates sorting through mounds of junk mail, Outlook allows users to block communications from a sender by:

  1. From the home tab, select Junk
  2. Choose "Junk Email Options"
  3. Set the parameters for junk mail classification in the configuration box

This features allows you to block domains or entire countries.

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