Phone support


When choosing which company to purchase software from one thing to look out for is whether there is a phone number provided on the company’s website. If there is no number this should immediately raise alarm bells and if there is a number you should try giving it a ring. If it is a toll free number and someone answers who is able to answer any questions you have about the product in a clear and informative manner then it increases the likelihood you are purchasing from a genuine website.


The Better Business Bureau


One of the best tools you can use in North America to ensure the company you are purchasing from is legitimate is the Better Business. It advances marketplace trust by listing complaints and offering accreditation based on a list of factors. The BBBs accreditation standards are notoriously staunch. The business in question needs to have the relevant requirements in regards to licensing and bonding and it needs to have had at least 12 months of satisfactory consumer ratings without suffering from any government action. Thus making this a great way to ensure the business is not just a new pop up and is what it says it is.


Payment Methods


Always use a website that offers you the option of paying by credit card or by PayPal or even better – both! This is because these two payment methods offer you an extra layer of security so that if you have any problems and cannot communicate with the company you purchased from then you can rely on PayPal or your credit card provider to get a refund for you, meaning you won’t have lost out on the money spent on the product.




We are all tempted by low prices but do remember that if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. If you purchase a very cheap license you may not be able to activate it or if you do it may become blocked by Microsoft very quickly and then you will have to repurchase anyway, you will often find that you do get what you paid for!


Proudly Canadian


Shopping from local online retailers comes with far more than mere patriotism points. Proudly Canadian businesses add power to your own economy while giving you a better-controlled marketplace governed by the same laws you are. It’s nigh on impossible to take legal action against a devious software dealer on international soil. It’s also very expensive to prosecute non Canadian individual, or company and Microsoft cannot offer support on exported products


Individual Sellers


Used, auctioned, or private sales of Microsoft Office should always be avoided. These marketplaces are riddled with counterfeits and software that’s illegal to use. Non-transferrable licenses are often problematic, too as some Microsoft products are only licensed for a limited number of installations and many of these sites will sell the same product key as many times as they can until it becomes blocked.


Avoid Criminal Access to Your PC


One last point to make is to never trust any unsolicited phone calls from service staff, no matter what they are offering if they ask to obtain access to your machine or ask for any personal information then hang up the phone. Giving someone access to your machine gives them access to all you saved information including passwords and credit card details. This is a common scam these days so make sure you are cautious when allowing anyone access to your machine and always approach a trusted software dealer when purchasing Microsoft products.


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