Office Home and Business-


Microsoft Word - A word processor program used to create and edit documents. It can be used for a great number of purposes and the program includes templates so letters, labels and even CVs are simple to create.


Microsoft Excel – Is an electronic spreadsheet based program widely used in offices and homes to show data and create graphs and budgets. With a large amount of formulae it is a simple way of calculating data and setting it out in a clear manner for all to understand.


Microsoft PowerPoint – A presentation based software giving the user plenty of tools to create a professional looking slideshow full of graphs, pictures and videos. With a straightforward layout it makes presentation creating easy and gives you a great tool for setting out information in a clear concise manner for work or at school.


Microsoft OneNote – is a very unused Microsoft program which can be very handy. Effectively it’s a notebook and can be used as an information-gathering tool. Add all your thoughts and ideas into OneNote and it will help to keep the information organised so it’s easy to look through.


Microsoft Outlook - A personal information manager, mainly used for the email aspect of the program though it does also contain a calendar, task manager and diary amongst other things. This program can be good for any sized business to use as their main inter company email.


Office Professional


When purchasing this version you will receive all the programs you get with the Home and Business version plus another two programs-


Microsoft Access – Microsoft’s very own database management system. Basically it is an information management tool that can be used to store and analyse a lot of data. It is a very useful business tool for referencing and reporting and is used to demonstrate large amounts of data in a clear and concise manner.


Microsoft Publisher – A graphic design publishing program which focuses on design and page layout. This program makes it easy to add pictures from your computer or online and use effects to create a professional looking document. It is a step up from Microsoft Word and extremely useful as a starting graphic design program.


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