Opening and Saving PDF Documents


Word allows you to open PDF documents as new Word documents, where you can make changes. Under the File tab, select Open and choose the PDF document that you want to edit. Once you have finished, return to File and choose Save As to save the document as a PDF rather than a Word file. Check the document through to ensure that no vital formatting was lost during the conversion from PDF to Word and back to PDF.


Comparing Two Documents


If you have two versions of the same document — for instance, the original version and the current version that you or someone else is working on — you can easily compare the two. To do so, head to Review, choose the Compare tool, and select Compare. A box will appear where you can choose both the early and edited versions of the document. Click OK, and the documents will line up for easy comparison.


Modifying Your Theme


If you never personalized your theme when you first started using Microsoft Word, or if you just want to change the theme to which you have become accustomed, now is a great time to switch things up. Click on the File menu, select Accounts, and you will find a range of options under Office Background and Theme. There is sure to be something that tickles your fancy and helps you to stay motivated at work.


Eliminating Formatting


This is an important timesaver, as it can avoid the rewriting of a formatted document. Simply select any formatted word, phrase, paragraph, or chunk of text and press [Ctrl] and [Space] together. You can also remove formatting throughout an entire document — the command [Ctrl] plus [Shift] plus [N] will return your document to the default.


Finding the Source of Links


If you have information linked into a document, you may be wondering where it came from. There is no need to search for the source; Word can tell you. There are three methods to access sources: Double-click on the link itself. Choose Link under the Edit tab. From the Links dialog box, pick the link for which you want to find out the source and click Open Source. Click on the link in your document. Then, go to the Edit menu and select Open Link in the submenu under Linked Object.


Halt a Command


If you start a command and decide it would be better to cancel, you can stop Word during the processing stage — all you need to do is press [Esc]. You can also use the same action to close almost all dialog boxes that appear in Word.


To get the most out of the program and to be able to use all the above Microsoft Word tips, you need to have the latest version of the software. You can find Word, along with a variety of other Microsoft programs, at Software King, all available for immediate purchase.