Cortana is your own personal voice activated assistant created by Microsoft, that is in competition with the Apple created version Siri. Microsoft are now releasing a new feature that will take it a step above the others whereby Cortana will become smart to any promises you make in your email.


When writing emails we regularly will promise to meet up with colleagues or friends on a certain day or even to give them a call. With this new release when you make any of these plans or arrangements via email Cortana will take note and will then remind you of these plans by popping up with a message.


Not only will this be great for your social life it will also help you at work. If you email your boss saying you will do a certain project by Friday then Cortana will remind you to do that project, helping to ensure you wont miss a deadline again!


This feature will be released in the coming weeks in North America for computers with Windows 10 and that will then be followed with versions for your tablets and phones and for compatibility further afield.


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