Start Improving Your Efficiency Now

There are two versions of MS Project that users can choose from: standard and professional. Each has its own pros and cons, as well as its own practical applications. Here are some pointers to help you choose your project management path:

  • Microsoft Project Standard is all about organization and managing projects on a smaller scale. It's a full-featured product that is intuitive and carefully crafted. 
  • The standard version offers task monitoring, project analysis, backstage access, project control, reporting and metrics, and similar tools. 
  • Enterprise level projects are best suited for Microsoft Project Professional. This edition offers more customization and better scalability at the project level.
  • The professional edition has a hierarchy of support, starting with master projects. It also supports customization of settings, templates, offline content, project modes, and storage and management of large quantities of data. 
  • Users can opt for an integrated environment and combine the two editions to pick and choose their features and perks. Microsoft does not recommend this because it can lead to misleading and inaccurate information, but it is an option. 

The Efficiency Improvements Abound

This program offers plenty of areas to increase efficiency in any project or company by offering:

  • Unlimited projects once you learn how to use Microsoft Project
  • Easy addition of milestones and tasks to projects (new or existing)
  • Tasks and Project Hierarchies to keep things organized and in order
  • Relationships for intra-project tasks, created automatically
  • Assignment of resources such as hours, equipment, people, or materials for tasks 
  • CPA (Critical Path Analysis) tool to create a timeline of tasks that lead to project completion
  • Saving files with or without baseline (to allow changes or disable them)

The Bottom Line

It's a good idea for any business to check out and learn how to use Microsoft Project for their project management needs. This software offers something for organizations of all sizes and industries. There are a full range of Project editions for companies to get the perfect fit. To learn more or find the perfect Project edition for your business, check out our Microsoft Project selection.